Dead Frog Records is a Swedish independent record label. The label started officially 1990 in Örebro but there are smaller productions done early as 1988. They are famous for adapting new things in the music industry early. In the beginning they went under the name L.M.P. Witch no one knew what it stood for.

The early years 1990 to 1995. This period they mostly produced smaller series off cassettes with various punk music. Bands like Goingarna, The Polers, PG was hang arounds to band that later become Millencolin, Voice of a Genreration and The Pricks. But also some odd cassettes where they flirt with the 90:s dance scene. Much of this early works was traded against other companies around the world. Here is also where the label got its name. One of the early logos was a photo of a Dead Frog and in many occasions companies referred to them as Dead Frog. They adapted the name around 1992 and used the picture as their official logo.

The logo later was done more graphical (end of 90:s) and designed by Fredrik Muskos and have won many prices. Also it’s used in a cloth line in Japan.

1995 Dead frog records gave out their first Mp3. This new format intrigued them. The MP3 was published on a BBS system. Also 1995 their first homepage was created. They also signed a distribution deal with Independent Distribution

1996 Dead Frog Records released their first CD. The first work was mainly split vinyls and cassettes. The first CD was with the band TIMER and the release was “Avgång”. The cover was drawn by the famous cartoonist Bud Grace (Ernie).

1999 They a jointed venture with Mimo-sound and gave out Johnny Reptile – The Fab EP and got the band to play on World exhibition 2000 in Hannover, Germany.

2000 to 2002 they built a bigger team and started to give out more regularly. They signed the band In Deed and Spiral Motion both from Uppsala. They got their bands on their first showcases abroad.

2003 They left Independent and started their own Distribution system called DFR. Signed with Itunes.

2004 A under division of Dead Frog Records started called Musichelp. A division that was a record label for hire.

2005 They started Dead Frog Publishing that would later work with music for brands like Hilton Hotel, GB-Glace, Coca- Cola. This is the first time they make showcases in USA. Holden is the band that plays on CBGB, SXSW and Viper Room.

2007 Joins the new company Spotify with their catalogue.

2009 Musichelp breaks out from Dead frog records and becomes its own company.

2013 Dead frog records was bought up into Musichelp. The publishing is re-enter into Musichelp Publishing.

2015 After a couple of years just doing their catalogue in syncs. Dead frog records signs Janne Saaristo for his solo album.